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take your youth's talent to the next level.

We must not only look at the youth as the future but train them to be pushers of the envelope. To be movers and shakers; instruments of change for that future.

- FreXinet




PTSL exists as a platform for youth, in the Los Angeles area, to develop and showcase their talents in the performing arts. This program is geared specifically for people who identify with or have talents rooted in Hip-Hop culture. This organization was also designed for youth that struggle with the adversities of inner-city life. Our goal is to keep youth on a positive track by offering services that help them focus on their talents. We help youth excel past the limitations society presents them by:

  • Providing a safe haven for youth to be themselves.

  • Offering skills that will hone and sharpen their talents.

  • Being a supportive and encouraging figure they may lack in their homes and communities.

We aim to provide mentor-ship overall and training in these areas:

  • Vocal Performance (Rapping/Singing)

  • Acting

  • Dance & Movement for Actors

  • Poetry/Spoken Word

  • Creative Writing

PTSL is a ground breaking organization that takes its youth's talent to the next level by providing them the skills and space to do so. Our workshops give them a chance share their gifts with peers and professionals. We believe this will give them the confidence they need to be the entertainers they desire to become. We see a core group of at-risk youth moving away from the limitations of poverty by attending college (or post high school training in their talents), or entering directly into their choice fields as professionals.

We are always thrilled to meet new faces! Please get to know us by emailing us at:




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