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The woman you HAVE to know, of course. FreXinet is a lyricist, actor, and all-around entertainer. She has been keeping herself busy working on her music and developing her artistic portfolio. Friends would describe her as fun-loving, energetic, and out-going. Currently, she is working on her musical debut and looking for projects to challenge and maximize the talent she has to offer.


FreXinet is a lyricist, actor, and all-around entertainer. She was born in Minneapolis, MN on August 11, 1988, to a stylist and an on-air personality. At age 3, her family moved to Alexandria, VA. At age 8, she moved to Michigan City, IN and by age 10 was living in Los Angeles, CA. When people ask where she is from she says, “From all over.”

One of her favorite things to do as a child was act and role play. It was then her family learned she had a strong passion for performance art. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she continued to perform in school plays, dance recitals and talent shows. She also took up other art forms such as drawing, painting, origami and writing.

In high school, she had the opportunity to join the cast of the eight-time NAACP Award-nominated show Ephraim’s Song (adapted to You Don't Know Me) produced by Bruce Willis and Cedric the Entertainer. In this experience, she was able to gain encouragement and insight from professionals like Halle Berry, Michael Ealy, and Malik Yoba to name a few. As a senior, she received the Actor of the Year Award from Manual Arts Senior High for her role as Dorothy in The Wiz. It was also in high school that she developed a liking for creative writing. Poetry as school assignments sparked an interest in her that later filled many journals with poems, songs, and love letters. Her poetry morphed into spoken word, which later morphed into rap music.

In college, she majored in Theatre Arts and Dance. It was here she was able to hone the key components of live performance. In 2012, she received her bachelor's degree from California State University, Los Angeles in that major. This took all her talents to new heights.







In 2019, FreXinet was cast as Ronnette in the Morgan-Wixson Theatre's run of The Little Shop of Horrors. She keeps herself busy being a Co-director of ELEVATE, a Christian high school program, and as director of Higher, a performing arts ministry; both programs offered by Another Level Ministries of Gardena. She is also Co-founder of Operation Feed Everyone, which is an organization designed to feed or provide groceries to people in need residing in low-income communities. Her current labor of love is her own outreach program: Performing to Save Lives (PTSL). She created this program to be a safe place for youth to hone skills that are rooted in Hip-Hop culture. Her lifelong goal is to create her own school that offers performing arts lessons to underprivileged youth. Friends would describe her as fun-loving, energetic, and outgoing.


FreXinet is currently working on her musical debut, online comedy sketches, and developing her overall artistic portfolio, as she continues to search for projects that challenge and maximize the talent she has to offer.





I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

- FreXinet  

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